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re: App: Zaafir

The application submitted by Zaafir is as follows:

Name : Zaafir
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Archimonde
Level : 85
Gender : Male
Faction : Horde
Race : Blood Elf
Class : Priest
Spec 1 : Discipline
Spec 2 : Holy

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

Tell us about yourself. How old are you and what do you do, for example.:
I am 43 yrs old male. I am retired from the financial market. I got into playing wow about 4 yrs ago and love the game.

What previous guild were you a member of and why are you looking to change guilds?:
My first guild I was in was the Bit Players as a warlock named Warfox, a friend was playing horde so I changed factions went into Z-force then change to the Archimonde sever because of lack of players and found a daytime guild . The spirits within they fell apart I went to House Forsaken then back to Spirits within after they changed their name to Eulogy after not getting a raid spot I went to Blood power and glory and they seem to have the same problem getting into raids so I went to Blood of Heroes vXv and have been there the last 8 months.The reason for the change is that not much progress is being made as well as the guild is not doing any Heroic. Since I am from EST time I thought I would look back at the realm I started with.

What do you feel you can offer Judgement? Why should we pick you? (Please get creative. Do not write 1 sentence and do not write generic things like, "I'm a good player, learn fast, and I come with consumables."):
I know my class, I am always on time and raid ready. I might stand in dumb once in a blue moon but at least you will get your heal before I die (). I love to raid and after so many years am still looking for a great bunch of ppl to raid with. I am a quite person but if you get me started look out. On the Archimonde sever I rank 14 on gear score out of priest and Character ranking is 88

List one or two things that you think contributes most to a raid's success.:
I really try to know the fights and keep up with my class thru fourms. I will be prepared, on time and ready togo. And will stay longer if we need to complete our task for that night.I have always thought of my self as a healer that can do alot of good in a raid but now I want to be a healer that everyone talks about and I hope with looking into your guild you will help me become even better than I am.

Describe your raiding experience and list the content you have completed. Be specific about your raiding accomplishments, including any hardmodes you've completed.:
I am 6/7 10 man firelands and 5/7 25 man
Bot 4/4 (10/25) with H 1/5(25)
BWD 6/6 (10/25) No H
TOFW 2/2 (10/25) No H

What has been your favorite raid encounter you've faced and why? :
Majordomo i love to see him change into the differnet forms.

List any alts that you play to help us in contacting you.:
I do not have on this sever but would move all over they are Raius,draaka,Durthren

Please provide a link to 1 or more World of Logs parses for fights to assist us in better understanding your abilities. If you do not have any parses please describe your DPS or healing "rotation" in detail.:

and one from last week

We raid progression content Monday through Wednesday evenings from 7:15pm to 10:30pm. Can you commit to 75% of that time?:


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re: App: Zaafir

From: Zaafir
Subject: Hello
Date: September 15, 2011 10:19:39

my name is Daniel and my Main toon is Zaafir I put a app into your guild and was wondering if you and your officers have had time to look it over. Thank you for your time.



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re: App: Zaafir

I personally would love to have you in the guild. You seem like an excellent player and any guild would be lucky to have you. However, I'm going to have to recommend against you coming to Lothar. The server is all but dead at this point.

You would be better off finding a server that is still alive and kicking and take your talents there.

Thank you for your interest in Judgement, but I can't justify you spending money to come back to this server when there is little to nothing left.

Best of luck where you go.

I see everything you do in my raids.
Guild Master

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re: Thank you

On a personal note I do not mind spending money to find a guild that I will truly be happy in. Thank you for taking your time out for my app.

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